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Curating meaningful
conversations in authentic spaces

Meet Debra Chosen

Professional Host & Presenter

Step into the world of events and broadcasting with Debra Chosen, a seasoned professional Host and Presenter with over 9 years experience in front of the camera and in real life events. With her warm and relatable approach, she effortlessly connects the dots in people's stories, creating memorable conversations for every occasion.

Passionate about getting to the heart of each story, whether facilitating a panel or presenting on the red carpet, Debra brings a keen attention to detail, ensuring it becomes a special experience for attendees and audiences alike. Let her craft your next event or broadcast into a momentous occasion filled with warmth and tailor-made memories.

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What clients say

Debra is great as a host. What I like about Debra is how she picks out the common threads between all the guests, and how she joins them together seamlessly. When you see things like that you feel super engaged, super comfortable, and you’re along for the journey.

University of the Arts London

Debra’s hosting is engaging, intentional, and able to really capture the audience. I’ve been to a lot of events where Debra hosts and first of all I think a lot of the intention and pre-work she puts into it makes her a great person to work with as an events professional. You feel like you’re in safe hands. Secondly, on stage she has a really strong presence and is able to be spontaneous and capture different moments. Her warmth engages the audience to clap, to laugh, and be a part of whatever is going on on stage.

Black Valley

I was standing next to someone and we looked at each other like “Debra is so good she should always do this”. Her energy is always on 10, she’s really clear and she has a way of leading the conversation. Before you even think of a question she’s asked it, and so the conversation expands in a way that’s really useful. Her warmth guarantees that the conversation never feels stagnant or scripted. It feels really open which allows you to expand your thoughts and continue the conversation afterwards.

Creative Shift

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Voiceover Artist

Drawing on her extensive experience over 9 years of hosting and presenting, Debra has honed the ability to voice a variety of different characters that feel authentic and evoke the emotion of the story being told.

Her home set up consists of the following:

  • At home studio

  • ⁠Macbook Pro

  • ⁠Adobe Audition 

and of course, a quiet environment.

With this equipment Debra is able to deliver high quality audio remotely wherever in the world you are.

Storytelling should never be boring. If you’re looking for a professional voice that you can rely on, get in touch and let’s take your project to the next level.

Listen to showreel

Voiceover reelDebra Chosen
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