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MAGNIFY magazine launch – Lekki, Nigeria

I’m currently on holiday in the Motherland for some time. A large part of the first week was spent in Abuja, which was cool to visit as I had never been there before. However, towards the end of my Abuja stay I was eagerly looking forward to the next stop and my birth land, Lagos.

On the day of the MAGNIFY launch, I had quite an eventful day which involved nearly breaking my camera, after spilling Pure Water on it, having to visit the village to get it fixed by a man who did so by unscrewing my babes and letting it dry on his shop roof, boarding a delayed plane to Lagos – whilst bypassing several arguments between angry passengers and unresponsive staff, meeting a Nollywood actress while waiting for said late plane, and finally hurriedly getting dressed for the event in the car in Lagos traffic.

Needless to say, by the time I entered the venue, Stranger, I was glad to wear a smile and put all that wahala (translation: trouble in the Yoruba tongue) behind me.


Upon entering, I was greeted by the stunning Ruth Awogbade, founder and editor of MAGNIFY. Having interacted a little online, it was nice to finally meet the young woman behind the magazine in person.

Not long after, I spotted two familiar faces in the crowd from back in London which was a very pleasant surprise! For the rest of the night we chatted amongst ourselves about living in Nigeria, and London life.trailer film A Cure for Wellness 2017




The event kicked off with an intimate set by Nigerian artist, Kaline who ushered the audience to silence with her keyboard skills and sultry voice. After a few songs, an introduction was made by Ruth and we all got talking and mingling amongst ourselves.





As I often do at such events, I got so carried away talking that I didn’t event think to take some of the finger-food that was on offer, or to grab a cocktail from the bar. That is, until I spotted cake. Now cake I always have time for, so it wasn’t long before a red velvet cake adorned with the word MAGNIFY found it’s way into my hands.


IMG_5073-001 IMG_5078-001
At the end of the night, we were all given a goodie bag, complete with a copy of the magazine which I am yet to tuck into. But just from having flicked through, the editorial look and feel has me very expectant.

All in all, a great launch and a lovely re-introduction to Lagos.

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