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20 lessons I have learnt about love

  1. It is impossible to love to the fullest and inhabit pride at the same time.
  2. Love will call you to deny yourself, over and over again for the sake of another. Sometimes that other will be a significant other, but it will always be God.
  3. People say “love makes you do dumb things” but that’s simply because putting another person before yourself makes no sense to our flesh.
  4. Love corrects.
  5. Long-lasting love doesn’t just happen. It is intentional and it takes work.
  6. God is love, and so we must know Him to know love.
  7. Love is brave. To love another is to be courageous.
  8. Love is forgiving and forgetting the former things, over and over again.
  9. Love is a question of capacity. How much we have is how much we are able to give.
    You cannot give what you do not have, and the same is true of love.
  10. Everybody needs love. Anyone that says they don’t is a liar.
  11. To love, truly – is hard. Very hard. But possible.
  12. Learning how to love will teach you more about yourself than you may ever have known before.
  13. Question a “love” that consistently hurts.
  14. Do not settle for a love that is cowardly. It erodes the heart.
  15. Love and fear cannot coexist. The antidote to fear is not faith, it is love. Only perfect love can cast out fear.
  16. If you allow it to, love will awaken you. It will heal and bring new life to parts of you which once were dead.
  17. Love will find you, don’t chase after it.
  18. You cannot make anyone love you and you shouldn’t. Love is not manipulation.
  19. Often times, love is a risk. But a worthy feat.
  20. Love is still the greatest force on this earth and for what it’s worth, we owe it to ourselves to live it out to the fullest.


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