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How to Make Honey BBQ Chicken Wings

My mother always used to say “somebody that enjoys eating, must also enjoy cooking”. Fast-forward to today, and I am that somebody.

A self-confessed foodie (which really just means ‘food-obsessed’), I spend at least 60% of my day either thinking about what I’m eating, have eaten or will eat. So it’s safe to say, me and food roll deep.

As of recent, I’ve felt more inspired to try cooking new dishes. Something about moving into a new home which you can really be comfortable in, has re-accquainted me with one of my first loves, cooking.

For the past few weeks, I have found myself craving chicken wings. I’d had some leftover Jerk BBQ Sauce in my cupboard for a while, and my seasoning cupboard has been in a season of plenty – so there was no better time for me to attempt my own Honey BBQ wings, than now.


You will need:

  • chicken wings
  • ┬ápaprika
  • chicken seasoning
  • chilli powder
  • garlic
  • black pepper
  • salt
  • BBQ sauce (for marinading)
  • butter
  • pure honey


  • jerk BBQ Sauce (I prefer Tropical Sun)

Step 1

Though this should go without saying…start by washing the chicken wings well.

Step 2

Smoother the chicken wings with some butter. Using a brush helps to limit amount of butter. On this occasion, however – I used my hands and massaged it into the chicken wings. Not only will this add flavour and moistness to the chicken, but the butter will help to soak up the flavour of the seasoning.

Speaking of seasoning –

Step 3

In a deep bowl, proceed to apply all of the dry ingredients to the chicken. Be sure to turn the wings over to ensure seasoning coats the full piece.

Step 4

Time to add the liquid ingredients. There’s not particular order in which you must add the BBQ sauces. In actual fact you don’t need to use two different BBQ sauces. One may suffice, however the first time I made these beautiful wings, I used both Tesco BBQ sauce and the Tropical Sun Jerk BBQ. Pour sauces onto chicken wings. Flip chicken wings and repeat. Finish by massaging the sauce into chicken.

Step 5

Take pure honey and glaze over chicken wings. Finish with black pepper

*Optional* Step 6

I say this is optional, but really it is a game-changer; leave chicken to marinade overnight in the fridge.

Step 7

The following day, preheat a fan oven on 180┬░. Place chicken on a baking tray and cook on 200┬░ for approximately 30-40 mins, being sure to check the chicken intermittently.

Step 8

About 5 mins before you are ready to take out the chicken, add more BBQ sauce and honey to the wings.

Step 9

Your Honey BBQ wings are ready to be devoured.

Have you tried Honey BBQ wings? Will you be trying this recipe? Let me know!


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