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The God of today

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the love of God – which has been a real theme for me throughout this entire year. God’s been showing me that His love transcends time. It’s not fixed to the future, nor lost in the past. It is not based on who we were or even will be – what we did or will do. It is here and now. We serve a God who goes before us, yes. But we also serve the God of today and that is just as important.

If we constantly believe that the promises of God are for tomorrow alone, we bankrupt ourselves of the very treasures God has placed in today.

I believe as Christians, we’ve become so captivated by what our tomorrow will be that we often romanticise the future and just get by with today. We restrict promises, dreams and blessings all for the future. We read Jeremiah 29:11 (For I know the plans I have for you. Plans for good and not for evil – to bring you a future and a hope). We fan ourselves, fall out the pews and claim it for our tomorrow and then we go home – still empty, still scared, still fearful because you know, “joy comes in the morning”.

But what about today?

I have come to understand that “morning” as it is referred to in that scripture is much more a symbol of a spiritual breakthrough than the reference to a new calendar day constrained by time. Which means that any minute right now, can be your morning.

For Paul and Silas their morning was midnight, singing praises from a prison cell. For one Samaritan woman her morning came during the day at a well. For Jesus, it was in the third hour as He said “it is finished” that He entered into the joy set before Him (John 19:30). Jesus can do anything, anytime, anywhere. So why not today?

One morning in the month of November, I was walking to work. An otherwise normal day, I had just completed a brisk walk from Westfield to the office in a bid to be on time, whilst breathing in the cold and crisp winter air – when it dawned on me: God is with me today. As I am walking, when I enter the office. Here and now, He is with me. If we serve a God who cares about everything that concerns us, then yes that means He delivers us from our past and gives us hope for the future, but He also gives us everything we need for the present. The here and now.

You are magnificently loved right now.

“God is just as invested in my today as He is in my future.” The thought came to my mind as I turned the corner to work. Overwhelmed with peace, I continued to meditate on this truth as I walked through the office doors. “God cares about my today just as much He cares about my tomorrow”.

I think often times (unknowingly) we lean on the hope of a brighter future, because it gives us time to build our faith. It also means we are free to procrastinate on doing the work. We put off the process because you know, God’s going to do it – but not today. If we constantly believe that the promises of God are for tomorrow alone, we shortchange ourselves of the very treasures God has placed in today. We overlook the miraculous in the mundane, the ordinary and every day. Going to work, on the commute, in bed at night.

The truth is that God moves in every single state we experience – yesterday, tomorrow and your today. And so joy doesn’t have to wait until that big break, or that engagement. “I’ll be happy when ____”. Peace doesn’t have to wait until that apology. “I can never forgive him/her”. Finding Mr Right is not the precursor of being loved. You are magnificently loved right now. In this moment you have joy,  you have peace because today you have Christ.

I challenge you to see Christ in your today. Trust Him for where you are. Christ didn’t only die for our eternal life, He died for who and where you are now. How you are now matters to Him.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life, and have it in all its fullness.” – John 10:10 

And so take rest in knowing that the God who created the heavens and the earth in seven days, doesn’t need a single day to bring what He spoke to you to pass.

“For You (Lord), a thousand years are as a passing day, as brief as a few night hours” – Psalm 90:4.

The 22 days remaining in this year are too much for God to finish what He’s started in you. All He needs is a moment, and guess what? You have that, right now.

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