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MAGNIFY magazine launch – Lekki, Nigeria

December 14, 2014

I’m currently on holiday in the Motherland for some time. A large part of the first week was spent in Abuja, which was cool to visit as I had never been there before. However, towards the end of my Abuja stay I was eagerly looking forward to the next stop and my birth land, Lagos.

On the day of the MAGNIFY launch, I had quite an eventful day which involved nearly breaking my camera, after spilling Pure Water on it, having to visit the village to get it fixed by a man who did so by unscrewing my babes and letting it dry on his shop roof, boarding a delayed plane to Lagos – whilst bypassing several arguments between angry passengers and unresponsive staff, meeting a Nollywood actress while waiting for said late plane, and finally hurriedly getting dressed for the event in the car in Lagos traffic.

Needless to say, by the time I entered the venue, Stranger, I was glad to wear a smile and put all that wahala (translation: trouble in the Yoruba tongue) behind me.


Upon entering, I was greeted by the stunning Ruth Awogbade, founder and editor of MAGNIFY. Having interacted a little online, it was nice to finally meet the young woman behind the magazine in person.

Not long after, I spotted two familiar faces in the crowd from back in London which was a very pleasant surprise! For the rest of the night we chatted amongst ourselves about living in Nigeria, and London life.trailer film A Cure for Wellness 2017




The event kicked off with an intimate set by Nigerian artist, Kaline who ushered the audience to silence with her keyboard skills and sultry voice. After a few songs, an introduction was made by Ruth and we all got talking and mingling amongst ourselves.





As I often do at such events, I got so carried away talking that I didn’t event think to take some of the finger-food that was on offer, or to grab a cocktail from the bar. That is, until I spotted cake. Now cake I always have time for, so it wasn’t long before a red velvet cake adorned with the word MAGNIFY found it’s way into my hands.


IMG_5073-001 IMG_5078-001
At the end of the night, we were all given a goodie bag, complete with a copy of the magazine which I am yet to tuck into. But just from having flicked through, the editorial look and feel has me very expectant.

All in all, a great launch and a lovely re-introduction to Lagos.


Good people, good lovin’, good music

December 5, 2014

This year, more than any year before I’ve come to find that there is a fail-proof recipe for a perfect time.

Good people + good food + good music.

Try it. The combination is sure to make for an unforgettable gathering. When the three hit it off, it’s special. And if like me, you’re blessed to have the former present, the music and food is really just the icing on the cake.

When asked whether I am an introvert or extrovert, for a long time I used to answer reluctantly, “introvert”. I say “reluctantly” simply because I knew as soon as the words left my mouth, the faces of those I was speaking with would screw up, followed by “since when?” “no you’re not” and “oh please”. Often times, because I am generally loud (I’m working on the whole “cute laugh thing”), talkative, open and have a Youtube channel, people struggle to imagine that I could ever want to just sit on the sidelines in social gatherings and observe. The truth is, I used to be and still can be quite shy from time to time.

That said, the more I’ve grown and actually the more extroverted I have become, (having found more confidence) I’ve began to find that a majority of the time, I have the common symptoms of an extrovert. And that’s ok! Tiring at times, but fun nonetheless. I am who I am (and most likely that is an ambivert!).

But I most definitely do have my moments where I want nothing more than to spend time with myself, in my thoughts, and void of interaction with others. And boy do I enjoy them. Those days I may be found editing, writing, eating out, listening to music, planning, or travelling solo. For me, these are important and precious moments and no matter how extroverted I may be or continue to become, they will always remain that way.

However, sometimes I want nothing more than to surround myself with my favourite people, share, question, sharpen and laugh until I cry. I’m blessed to enjoy both sides of the coin and I’m even more blessed to have beautiful people to enjoy this company with.


From left to right: Tols, Nancy, Sarah and Maryam


Last Sunday, myself and a group of friends from Birmingham, London and Manchester, gathered together for Soul Live Acoustic, at Spotlight, Digbeth, Birmingham. Naturally, no good night is complete without food and so we decided to dine at the contagiously-quirky Caribbean restaurant, Turtle Bay. I say decided, but really if you see the amount of “wahala” and back-and-forthing it took to come to this decision between all of us. Ah! Eventually the Londoners amongst us won, being that there is no Turtle Bay in their neck of the woods, and so Turtle Bay it was.



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The restaurant has a really cool vibe. We all agreed between ourselves that there’s something very Shoreditch about the decor and I love that. Think Breakfast Club (but much better food) meets the Caribbean and you’re pretty close. There’s always some soca, bashment(?) or reggae playing which further sets the atmosphere alight.






It being my third time dining there, I forced myself to try something different than my usual jerk chicken and rice & peas. I ordered the brown stewed chicken with a side of sweet potato fries, and dumplings although I would have liked more of a kick in the stew (it’s the Nigerian in me), it was delish!





After ending the meal with a refreshing rum-infused cocktail, we were off to the show to support our good friend Dalet, (Dave to us) perform some songs from his new EP. Soul Live Acoustic was a fantastic night of live, raw and honestly brilliant music. The perfect way to end a perfect evening.

If you’d like to see more of what we got up to and footage of the show, look out for the Vlog coming out soon!