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The God of today

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the love of God – which has been a real theme for me throughout this entire year. God’s been showing me that His love transcends time. It’s not fixed to the future, nor lost in the past. It is not based on who we were or even will...MORE

20 lessons I have learnt about love

The beauty of life I think is that we are always learning, always evolving, forever growing. This permits us to make mistakes but also to know and do better. I actually wrote this post a year ago having learnt a lot of new things about love, but never published it at the time. Recently I was inspired to re-visit the post and re-write according to what I now know to be true, about love. MORE

How to Make Honey BBQ Chicken Wings

A self-confessed foodie, as of recent I've felt more inspired to try new dishes in the kitchen. This time, the craving? Chicken wings. The flavour of the day? Honey BBQ. If you follow these simple steps, (and don't skip step 6!) these sweet yet tangy wings will go down an absolute treat.MORE

I left my heart in Lagos

Some of us find that we are blessed with a multitude of homes. Now and then we find a home away from home. I recently returned to my birthplace, Nigeria. Beginning in Abuja and ending the three weeks in Lagos, in-between the hustle of Lagos traffic and laze of enjoying a barbeque by the poolside with Aye on the turntables, I found home. MORE