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First Look: Afro Kinky Hair by Nazuri Curls

December 9, 2014

I’m currently on holiday in sunny Nigeria, but had to stop for a minute to update you ladies on this fabulous hair I’ve been rocking.

If you’ve been following me for the past 6 months on Youtube or even Instagram, you’ll know that I love me some Kinky hair.

My Kinky hair extensions journey experience began with a half wig made using Mercy’s Hair Extensions Mongolian Kinky Curly. Now, I LOVED this hair. I got so many compliments on it, it was ridiculous. Unfortunately, after blowdrying and wanding it, the hair didn’t quite return to it’s usual life-giving state.

Now being tex-laxed (I’ll update you on this in a video soon!), I was on the lookout for a full kinky wig, so that I wouldn’t have to worry about blending my now-looser leave out.

Cue my latest unit, the custom-made full wig by Papachichi Style using two bundles in 18″ and 20″ and a 18″ closure from Nazuri Curls. 

Based in both London and Nigeria, I first came across the beautiful Yasmin of Nazuri Curls at Curlvolution with Taren Guy, back in May. Having previously stalked their Instagram page, I was already excited about the brand. Just from looking at the hair online, I perceived that the textures available would blend well with different types of natural hair, they have the cutest packaging and plus, the company is owned by the two lovely ladies Yasmin and Ifeyinwa and I’m all the way here for supporting women and black-owned business.

Fast forward to July, and I was given the opportunity to get my hands on this Afro Kinky goodness!


First things first, the hair is gorgeous! The Afro Kinky comes in a texture closest to type 4a or maybe 3c hair, and is their kinkiest texture.

If I was to compare the hair to Mercy’s Hair Extensions, I would say that the curls are a little less defined (which can actually help with blending) and the actual weight of the hair is a lot lighter than Mercy’s Mongolian Kinky. The hair is very full and so you only need two bundles.

The hair comes in it’s most natural, freshly-washed state and so you get an opportunity to see the natural curl. I typically prefer to wear the hair in a twist out, however here I had brushed out a week old twist out to create the illusion of a blow out. And I really enjoyed it!


The lace on the closure has a good density as it is not too thick or too thin. What I would recommend is that if you can help it, don’t bother to bleach the knots. I say this as my hairdresser had done so, but struggled to lift the lace, meaning that I ended with a brassy coloured closure (not ideal!). However, I do know there are products such as Clairol’s Shimmer lights, which can be used to lighten such mistakes.

The hair definitely mimics natural hair very well. Many people believe it is mine (until I graciously tell the truth lol).

One thing I did notice is that the closure and the actual wefted hair are a little bit different in texture and if you look closely, colour.


For some reason, the closure is a little more brown than the rest, although I got both in a #1B. This can sometimes happen with virgin hair, but just something to note. Additionally, I found that the curl texture of the closure is a fair bit looser than the wefted hair, so twists outs are typically more defined on the rest of the hair. It’s hardly noticeable, but sometimes makes manipulating the hair into a wash and go a bit tricky as I feel that is when the difference is most obvious.

I also found that over time, the more I washed the hair, the lighter it became. So it probably went from a #1B to a #2/4 over the few months I have been wearing it on and off. Personally I like my hair a little darker, so I recently dyed it back to black using a kit from Loréal (final picture).



Like any other kinky textured hair, you treat this hair pretty much how you would treat your own natural hair. For me that means, a weekly co-wash and detangle, the odd spray of water or oil to refresh my styles and a deep condition once in a while.

I like to keep it simple with extensions, and so I have a few staples which get me through with my Afro Kinky hair:

Wash: Any Organix conditioner (and sometimes shampoo)

Deep condition: Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Conditioner (smells DIVINE!)

Style: I create my twist outs using the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie and sometimes add a dash of Coconut Oil for shine, or Eco Styler gel for extra hold.


When you receive the hair, Nazuri Curls include a list of recommended products and upkeep tips, which is really helpful.



As the hair pretty much behaves like natural hair, there’s a lot of fun to be had with the styling process. Thus far, I have only experimented with wash and go’s, twist outs and faux-blow outs, but I’m sure a bantu knot out or braid out would like just as good!

Below is a shot of me here in Abuja, Nigeria. I was rocking a 3 day old twist-out which has been my staple style since wearing the hair. Back in the UK, I simply sectioned the freshly washed hair while damp into 8 pieces and twisted with my Shea Moisture Smoothie. Left overnight on a radiator (classy bird, me), unravelled the twists in the morning and voilá!streaming Alien: Covenant movie



Never fully dressed without lipstick

September 1, 2014

Growing up, I thought lipstick was some sort of harsh Crayola product reserved only for the lips and likes of aunties and big mummies. Scarred by memories of brick red lips, lined with what appeared to be charcoal black lip liner, I never would have thought I would be writing this The Jungle Book 2016 film online now

But fast forward, what, about a century and then some, and it looks like I’m eating my words – through MAC stained lips.

I’m now convinced that a good lipstick has the power to turn an outfit from drab to fab. As an unashamed MAC fan, it didn’t take me long before I had built a collection with numerous nudes, pinks, reds and the occasional purple.

Typically, I’m a nude girl and like to keep it simple, but a bold orange or pink can be nice on a night out, or simply when I feel like saying something more with my lips.

Since I’ve found myself reaching for lipstick more and more over the last year, I thought it was only right that I share with you some of my current go-to’s.

  • Hug Me (lustre finish)
  • Creme in Your Coffee (creme sheen finish) 
  • Lady Danger (matte finish)
  • All Fired Up (matte finish)
  • Mocha (satin finish) 

I even threw in a few lip-liner combinations, featuring a dark burgundy liner (MAC’s Nightmoth) in honour of all the lipstick wearing big mummies who played a small part in who I am today.

This is for you aunty mi!

What are your current fave MAC lipsticks?



Nappy 1 Year Anniversary

June 20, 2014

June was a special month for me, not only did I turn 23 (at last – my birthday’s always feel late as I’m typically the youngest amongst friends), but it was also the 1st anniversary of Bisi – my natural hair.

Now, whilst you take a second to digest the fact that I have proudly named my hair a traditional Nigerian name, let me tell you a bit about my natural hair journey, so far.

Where it all began

So this is actually the second time I have “gone natural”. The first time was in 2011, second year of university. After relaxing and then dyeing my then pixie-cut on the same day, surprisingly  my hair became extremely damaged. I mean, extremely. I had always had relatively healthy hair, but after this elementary mistake, my hair texture immediately became dry and brittle and it wasn’t long until it began to thin and break badly.

A few months down the line, my hairline was looking noticeably thin. Think Lebron James thin (sorry boo).

Armed with the few Youtube naturals I knew at the time (namely Patricia Bright’s old channel “TheNaturalHairGrwthShow”. True fans already know), I made the decision to transition to natural and start all over War for the Planet of the Apes 2017 trailer

6 months later, I chopped off my long, thin, relaxed ends back at home in Birmingham and nothing was the same.

Being natural was cool and my hair became much healthier, but honestly I got bored. So…9 months later it was back to the relaxer.

So why go natural again?

When I first relaxed my hair, it was all gravy. As a matter of fact with my hair being so thick, it was practically texlaxed the first time anyways. But by the second touch up, my hair was back to it’s usual thinning and shedding tricks. Enough was enough. So I did what I know how to do best – transitioned for 6 months, again.

On 20th June, I cut off my ends and a year later here I am – still natural. It’s been a journey and will continue to be, but if it means my hair is healthy, then I’m happy!

Have you had a similar natural hair journey story?